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Indulge in ‘feel good’ snacking with Vibe Popcorn

by Lucinda - Aug 14, 2017

In August’s Gin of the Month box, our members are unwrapping a whole host of tasty treats – including one extra scrummy popcorn that’s been a hit. Check out how Vibe Feel Good Popcorn is making snackers feel good in this article from our August 2017 edition of Ginned! Magazine!

These days, you cannot walk down the snack or confectionery isle without stumbling upon a veritable treasure trove of popcorn – but what’s behind this snack’s newly found popularity outside of the cinema?

One of the main reasons we’re reaching for the popped stuff over our usual snack of crisps is the health factor. Popcorn is a wholegrain that is high in fibre but low in fat, meaning guilt free snacking! However, with so many brands and varieties of popcorn out there, which ones really offer the wholesome, natural ingredients we want, without skipping on taste and excitement? Enter Vibe Feel Good Popcorn.

As Anjna Mistry of Vibe explains, “Other popcorn brands take a very traditional view of health – they focus on keeping calories down and use  flavourings to deliver the taste in the popcorn. Vibe Feel Good Popcorn is different, as we use actual ingredients, such as pieces of freeze dry strawberries, toasted coconut, cacao nibs, or puffed quinoa and amaranth, to deliver pure bursts of flavours and exciting textures.”

Made with air popped corn and combined with an exciting mix of natural ingredients, the Vibe Strawberry Popcorn in August’s Gin of the Month box is full of authentic strawberry flavour and has a crispy crunchy texture. The popcorn is air popped, coated and finished with a hint of honey before the freeze dry strawberries are scattered to create a lovely vibrant cluster. Vibe Feel Good Popcorn ignites your taste buds and your outlook when it comes to snacking!

Vibe are serious about the ingredients that go into their popcorn, ensuring intense tastes, flavour and all the goodness you should get from a wholegrain. “No popcorn brand is doing what we’re doing on Vibe,” Anjna says. Vibe’s message is clear: Brighten up your mood with a wholesome snack that isn’t dull, and packs a punch amongst other tasty treats without theguilt .

Good Vibes only!

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