3 Conker Coffee Cocktails to Kick Off Your Week

by Lucinda - Sep 25, 2017

Conker’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur combines two of our all-time favourite things: coffee and gin! We’re always looking for amazing new ways to use these beautiful beverages together, and these three  Conker cocktails hit the spot – especially at the end of a long, grey Monday!

Orange Russian

50ml Conker Cold Brew
25ml Orange Liqueur (Triple Sec or Dry Curaçao)
75ml Gold Top Milk

Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice and add your cold brew, orange liqueur and gold top milk. Stir until combined. Garnish with a dried orange wheel.

Conker Cold Brew G&T

25ml Conker Gin
25ml Conker Cold Brew
200ml Classic Indian Tonic

Build your Turbo Conker Gin and Tonic in the usual way and then at the end add a 25ml measure of Conker Cold Brew. If you’re clever you can float the coffee of the top of the drink. Gulp lavishly.

Cold Brew Negroni

25ml Conker Gin
25ml Conker Cold Brew
25ml Suze Aperitif

Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice and combine all ingredients. Stir for between 10 and 15 seconds, to combine and allow for some dilution. Garnish with a wheel of orange.


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