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Doubly Divine: Divine Chocolate Cappuccino Bar

by Lucinda - Sep 19, 2017

A brew in the morning, a coffee in the afternoon, a cocktail after work – we all have rituals that reset our day. With its creamy combination of Fairtrade chocolate and a sustainably-sourced coffee kick, taking a moment to enjoy the fabulous flavour combinations of your Divine Chocolate Cappuccino Bar is the perfect way to make your next break brilliant. Check out this feature from September’s edition of Ginned! Magazine.

From frothy lattes to melt-in-the-middle chocolate puddings, few flavours are as indulgent and comforting as the beautiful bitter notes of chocolate and coffee. And when they come together, it’s simply magic – you need look no further than café mochas and tiramisu for proof of that.

So when the team at Divine Chocolate were looking for a new flavour to add to their range of Fairtrade chocolate bars, they knew just where to start looking.

As Zoe Hall of Divine explains, “At Divine we love to explore the origins of ingredients and how the people who grow them nurture their flavour. We know coffee beans and cocoa beans can have similar fruity and earthy flavours, so they complement each other.”

Taking a cue from their own afternoon pick-me-ups, the Divine team turned to the beloved Cappuccino for inspiration. The result is the Divine Chocolate Cappuccino Bar in September’s Gin of the Month Box.

“Designed to look just like its namesake, the bar combines a seriously smooth milk chocolate base layer with a creamy white chocolate top layer, all made with pure Madagascan vanilla,” says Zoe. “Both layers are blended with Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu coffee, for a smooth, creamy chocolate bar with an intense hit of rich coffee flavour.”

And not only is this bar a delicious addition to your afternoon coffee break or evening cocktail hour, but it’s also an easy way to make choices that are good for the world.

Fairtrade is at the heart of everything that Divine does, so you know that when you choose Divine you’re supporting the people who work hard to grow and harvest the cocoa and coffee that our taste buds love. In fact, Divine goes even further than Fairtrade.

Zoe explains, “Divine is exceptional because the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative that supplies its Fairtrade cocoa also co-owns the company. Kuapa Kokoo owns 44% of Divine, so when you choose Divine you can additionally be sure that farmers will receive a significant share of the profits.”

By choosing the Divine Chocolate Cappuccino bar, not only are you getting a delicious treat, but also making a positive difference to the lives of cocoa farmers.

Delicious with your favourite hot drink, we love snacking on this amazing Fairtrade chocolate bar with a caffeinated gin cocktail like the Conker Orange Russian. But, however and whenever you enjoy this elegant, chocolate, we hope it transforms your day!

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