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Find out how our September campaigns performed!

by Michelle - Oct 25, 2017

The results of our September partner campaigns are in! This month we developed campaigns for the delicious Divine Chocolate, amazing Manomasa crisps and the beautiful Bermondsey Tonic Water (BTW). These wonderful brands accompanied Conker Dorset Dry Gin and Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. Our club members mixed Turbo G&Ts with the gin, coffee liqueur and BTW while tasting Divine’s brand new Cappuccino Chocolate Bar and Manomasa’s Manchego & Green Olive Tortilla Chips.

BTW’s innovative tonic was a breath of fresh air for club members, with one commenting: “Best tonic I’ve ever had. Loved it so much [that] I added it to my next Ocado shop.”

Divine learned in which retail outlets our audience expected to find their new Cappuccino bar, and even converted non-coffee lovers. One club member said: “Not being a coffee fan I was sceptical but it was so creamy and lots of flavour… I loved it!”

Manomasa increased its brand awareness by 60% and club members just wanted more. One enthusiastic club member commented: “Delicious! Please supply a bigger bag next time!”

During September, our campaigns resulted in:

– 59,000 people tasting the products around the UK with total brand contacts reaching over 200,000

– 1,800 of our club members giving us direct qualitative and quantitative insights about each partner’s products

– over 30 million brand impressions across our digital channels

– 330,000 social media engagements with our audience

– over 400 club members sharing images of each brand on our social media channels

All in all, club members loved the coffee combos, giving their overall box experience an 8.71 out of 10 satisfaction score.

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