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KONGSGAARD GIN to launch exclusively through Craft Gin Club

by Lucinda - Apr 1, 2017

  • KONGSGAARD GIN selected as Craft Gin Club’s April Gin of the Month
  • This brand-new gin was developed in Denmark and hand-crafted in Cognac, France
  • Craft Gin Club members will be amongst the first in the world to try this unique spirit
  • A unique botanical blend includes charred oak, tree resin and hand-selected Danish apples

Craft Gin Club members will be the first in the world to taste KONGSGAARD GIN, the Club’s April Gin of the Month. Developed in Denmark by husband and wife team Søren and Bettina Kongsgaard, this gin is handcrafted in Cognac, France.

Inspired by an ancient Viking longhouse outside their hometown of Roskilde, Denmark, the Kongsgaards built the structure of their gin around the idea of an oak tree, from root to fruit.

KONGSGAARD GIN’s botanical blend is built around Danish apples, hand-selected from orchards on Denmark’s southern isles. For the very first batch, which Craft Gin Club members will receive, the Kongsgaards used Guldborg apples harvested in September 2016. Small and juicy, this apple variety is refreshingly tart with just a hint of rose.

As Søren Kongsgaard explains:

“We source our apples from small, local orchards, situated on little islands in the southern archipelago of Denmark. The climate here ensures that our apples are really flavourful, and the terroir is exceptional: clay soil, many hours of sunshine and salty wind from the sea.”

Bettina Kongsgaard adds:

“Due to the climate here, the ratio of sour to sweet in Danish apples is really unique. We’ll only ever use Danish apples, and we’ll feature the harvest and the apple type on every bottle.”  

The Danish apples are joined by juniper and whole fresh lemons to represent fruit; cinnamon, charred oak and resin to represent the trunk of the tree; and raw liquorice root, coriander seed, ginger, galangal and chufa to represent the roots.

Crisp and juniper-led on the nose, this gin is smooth and warm on the palate with notes of a spiced apple pie, balanced by the floral freshness of ginger and galangal. It tapers off into dry, spicy finish rich with juniper and cinnamon.

Bottled in a unique green bottle with copper detailing, to reflect the open-flame copper still in which the gin is distilled. The bottle is sealed with a wine cork, a beautiful detail that makes this bottle stand out amongst even the most extensive gin collection.

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As John Burke, co-founder and commercial director of Craft Gin Club, says:

“This brand new gin is not only beautifully bottled, but also beautifully made. We’re so excited to help Søren and Bettina’s spectacular new gin find a home with gin connoisseurs across the UK.”

Jon Hulme, co-founder and managing director of Craft Gin Club, adds:

“We love sending our members gins that they can’t find anywhere else, and we can’t wait for Craft Gin Clubbers to be the first to taste this fantastic gin.”


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