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Can you guess which snack our members say is their favourite?

by Lucinda - Oct 16, 2017

As the people behind Craft Gin Club, the UK’s number one gin subscription service, we’re always working to get to know our members better. With that in mind, we sent Craft Gin Club members a survey to see which snack food they love to munch on most while they’re enjoying a G&T. Here are the results!

According to our members, crisps are the king of ginny snacks. 25.6% of our survey respondents said that potato crisps are their go-to snack while they’re enjoying a cold G&T.

But, with 22.2% of the votes, nuts were a very close second.

Coming in at a distant third were olives, with 18.4% of the vote.

Next, with less than 5% of the vote each, came cheese, chocolates, popcorn, crackers, dips, fruits and pretzels. Last, with just 0.23% of the vote, was Craft Gin Club fave hummus.

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