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Merchant’s Heart sampling meets with great success

by Lucinda - Oct 4, 2018

On the back of the gin craze, a number of new tonic brands are launching, differentiating themselves with innovative ingredients and vying for market share in a market for which industry-leader Fever-Tree has paved the way. One of those tonics is Merchant’s Heart, which refers to its drinks as “spirit enhancers” and has worked closely with top bartenders to get the flavours in their range just right.

Merchant’s Heart featured two of its flavours – Pink Peppercorn and Floral Aromatics – in Craft Gin Club’s May Gin of the Month box, with the two-pronged goal of getting the drinks tasted in the homes of a targeted group of drinkers and raising awareness of the brand with a broader drinks-loving audience. The results of the month-long campaign were outstanding. Some of the highlights:

– Merchant’s Heart raised awareness of its spirit enhancers by 96% with only 4% of Craft Gin Club’s audience being previously aware of the brand
– The brand reached a total of 4.7 million consumers through Craft Gin Club’s content marketing campaign
– The 70,000 people who tasted MH’s drinks gave it the highest NPS score of 2018, with over 50% of those who tried it saying they’re extremely likely to recommend the drinks to their friends and family
-The MH team gathered pricing data and discovered how much consumers are willing to pay for the brand in supermarketsSince the Craft Gin Club campaign, the increase in brand awareness is helping Merchant’s Heart to drive sales in Sainsbury’s, with which it has an exclusive supermarket distribution deal. We here at Craft Gin Club really enjoyed working with the Merchant’s Heart team and are thrilled to see their spirit enhancers doing so well with an increasingly adventurous drinks-loving public.

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